Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Alison is the most honest hardworking realtor. She really listens to your wants and truly understands their importance. 

We had tried to sell our house for a couple of years. We had finally decided to just give up and stay where we were. We could make it work and would revisit possibly down the road. 

Alison however had different ideas. One Sunday afternoon she called and said I think I have a buyer for your house. I reminded her that we weren’t really thinking about selling as we stopped looking at what was out there. She said just let them look and we will see what happens. So we made a mad dash to make it look like respectable people lived in the home and not some homeless people who were squatting 😂. 

I let her know the condition of the house and she said no problem.  She shows up shows our home and calls us to come back to the house to answer some questions. We arrived answered some questions and she says she is going to walk them out. After a couple minutes walks in and says it’s sold let’s go find you a house. She said she had 2 to show us. Keeping in mind the things we were looking at 6 months to a year prior. And we found not a house but a home. Things went wonky in the whole process but she never wavered or lost hope. She will work through any and all complications and direct you as to what is in your best interest. 

I would highly recommend Alison for any and all real estate needs. She is prompt in responding to questions or concerns. She is empathetic to issues and worries and firm and knows how to lead people through difficult and stressful situations. 

From the bottom of our hearts Alison.... Thank you. We love our home!!!!

Love The Hoyle’s

What  a pleasure we had working with Alison to find and purchase our home!  Allison is a wonderful listener and a terrific sounding board. She assisted us in navigating  our real estate search.  She is very is diligent in finding appropriate properties. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge about this area. Alison is easy to reach and responds quickly.   She continues to help us with finding contractors and other professionals to work with. She always had our back.  (She is also a lot of fun to be around.)


Leonard and Theresa DeLorenzo

My husband and I just sold our home in North Clarendon thanks to the due diligence of Alison McCullough.  We had listed it a few years prior with another agency and didn’t have an ounce of activity, but the minute Alison agreed to be our agent the action started!  We didn’t know Alison before this; she was referred to us by a friend of our daughter who used Alison to sell her home and purchase another.  I was also chatting with a friend of our son about Alison being our broker and he said that was his aunt - the tiger lady – as she sold each of three previous houses and got him and his growing family into another larger home after each baby. 

Alison was realistic as to what we wanted to get for our home and what the market would accept, so we listened to her advice, which paid off as we sold our home with two offers to consider on the same weekend.    We would recommend Alison to anyone wanting an honest, sincere and knowledgeable real estate agent who we can attest will get the job done.

Jackie Fenner

Alison has been fabulous with my last two property purchases. She’s on time, gets things done and has great communication skills that solves problems. She nailed all of things that needed to be done up to, and even during, the actual closing.   

I know the deal wouldn’t have been able to be closed as scheduled without her diligence and I will always go back and buy/sell properties with her. It’s a great feeling to have an agent who makes me feel she is on your team. Thanks Alison!!



Dear Betty Ann, 

Bunches and Bunches of Thanks!! 

Thank you very much for the lovely gifts upon our closing. It was such a pleasure working with you.  You are the most professional and knowledgable realtor EVER!  As the beautiful ivy and orchid grow we will think of you. (The candy wont last that long.) (LOL) 

Thank you again for EVERYTHING!  We will continue to recommend you and Alison to everyone!!  

Dear Allison,                                                                                                                                              3/27/18


Dwayne and I would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful we are to you for the way you handled the selling of our home in Vermont.  Because we had moved to another state and were absentee sellers, we realize were it not for your professional caring attitude and the interest you took in us and getting our home sold,  we might not have had anywhere near as great an experience in accomplishing the sale.

We found you always to be most accommodating and at every curve and bump in the real estate road, you handled  issues with awareness of resources, and a reassuring attitude that inspired confidence in getting our goals met.  After only a couple of meetings with you, we realized that we had a realtor who was: straight forward, honest, reliable, hard-working and a real "go-getter".  When we found ourselves in danger of running out of heating fuel, you came through for us with a supplier who was able to do an "emergency" fill-up.

Whenever we had questions, your responses were always prompt and helpful.  We certainly enjoyed texting back and forth and your sense of humor!

Your business motto suits you:..."because nice matters! "

Alison McCullough is a very experienced realtor, the whole process with Alison was a pleasure! Alison makes you feel like you matter and and that you are totally happy with your next home. Alison takes the time to explain in detail all the aspects of selling your home and the process of purchasing  a new home. Alison is very professional and a person of high moral standards and a very nice person, her motto, "Because nice matters", truly applies to Alison McCullough real estate! Mrs. Sharon Gilman

"Alison was very patient, knowledgeable and honest about the selling process. She was very willing to explain things to us multiple times and did not ware ours, or her, time when it came to showings. We really found Alison to a great resource for us. She never tried to push anything on us, letting us figure things out on our own. We highly recommend her for anyone!"

Jamie and Sarah Gallagher
Chittenden, VT 05737

If you are looking to sell or buy a house I highly recommend Alison McCullough  of Franzoni and McCullough real estate. 2 years before putting our house on the market I called Alison and told her of our plan, she came to our home, walked the property with us, and gave us advice and encouragement as to how to sell our home. Alison always answered our (countless) questions quickly, with good answers, and always treated our home and our space with the utmost respect. Finally Alison knew the best time to list our home, and in doing so got us a signed contract in 13 days!!! AND she found an incredible young family who love our house as much as we did. Thank you Alison for making it all happen! Andrew and Bronia VanBenthuysen

 So my journey with Alison started about a year ago, I had a job offer out of state and needed to sell my home. One reason I chose Alison as my listing agent is that she could not only sell my home, but if needed could also manage rental of my home should the sale process take too long. From day one I had the feeling she was the right person to deal with, always kind and and giving solid advise and direction as well. Alison is very dedicated to her work and the people she represents. I was very impressed with the way she dealt with everything. I lived a long distance from Vermont by the time we had paperwork to tend with and she made all of that a breeze. In the end, my house sold. We met the goal and even at that point, Alison took the time to call and so graciously thank me for my part in this. I owe all the thanks to her!! I have already recommended Alison to a friend who will be selling his home soon. Alison is a great person and will not let you down. If you want to sell a home and feel comfortable about doing it, she is the one to call. You won't be disappointed!  

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